Motorcycle Tow Bar| Trike Tow Bar

Cycle-Tow Motorcycle Tow Bar Hitch System

The Cycle-Tow motorcycle tow hitch and trike tow hitch is the perfect trailer alternative because it is easy to use, less expensive, more fuel efficient, and eliminates trailer storage issues. When you are finished towing your bike, simply remove the Cycle-Tow from the receiver and store it in your trunk or hall closet.  It’s just that easy!

The Cycle-Tow motorcycle tow bar| trike tow bar system weighs less than 45 pounds, and has an integrated wheel vise design that clamps down on the front wheel, holding the bike upright and secure.  Just secure some extra tie down straps and you are ready to tow your ride!  Check out our multiple videos that demonstrate how easy it is to use the Cycle-Tow System.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or check out our FAQ section here!  If you’re skeptical and want to hear what ACTUAL owners of the Cycle-Tow system are saying about our products, click here!

Our units are made of 100% steel and are built to last right here in the United States!  Check out our awesome list of products here!

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